Soleilisme is now La Vie Soleil

07.21.09 | 8 Comments

When I decide to make a change, normally it’s pretty drastic. There’s no messing around. The outside’s in, the inside’s out, I shake it all about and turn it around. That’s what it’s all about, my friends!

Out with the red, in with the white-green-orange. Out with the crazy flying squares (what was I thinking?), in with the random pictures from my adventures. Out with the unpronounceable blog name (and domain) and in with what it really represents… my life.

Eventhough Soleilisme disappeared from the internets, I don’t want to just throw it away without any commemoration screenshot. After all, it was a little piece of me for almost three years.


Goodbye, big red buddy!

And so, welcome to my new home! I can’t believe the first time I posted about a blog re-design was back in April… I’m sure all of you were sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for this day to come! I’m happy I could relieve the impatience that was eating your every moment of existence. You’re welcome.

Ah, this feels good. Something new. Something refreshing. Certainly not perfect, but refreshing. Feel free to click around and leave a comment if you see anything broken, want to give me some feedback or just send me some love notes.



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