I am many people

07.17.09 | 5 Comments

I am a dancer
I am a hiker
I am an artist
I am a home cheese maker
I am an explorer
I am an indoor lover
I am French
I am American
I am a hard worker
I am a napper
I am a home cook
I am an outside eater
I am a blogger
I am a spend-time-away-from-the-computer…er
I am a dreamer
I am a realist
I am a team player
I am solitary
I am a camper
I am a hotel suite appreciator
I am a planner
I am spontaneous
I am in love.

I can mix and match many of these parts of me, but I cannot feed them all in a short period of time. Otherwise, I would need to have about six different bodies doing different things but feeding into the same brain. The only exception is the last one listed which is compatible with all of the above.

In life I regularly run into these moments where I feel like a part of me isn’t being fulfilled while another one is. So, I juggle. I’m really into something for a few days, weeks, months or even years and then I switch it up.
Sounds like a pretty good plan, but by having so many strong parts of me, the ones that don’t get attention for a while start complaining.

I can easily appease the craving for many of them, but others are a little bit harder. It creates this sort of “I want to do too many things” cluster in my mind. And this happens mostly when the weekend is around the corner. I have all of two days that are a blank canvas!! What can I do? Oh my goodness… so many things!
I could finish my blog redesign, finish my painting, take a jog, go hiking, take a nap, cook food, make cheese, chill, go shopping, call my family, clean the apartment, watch a movie….
This sounds great!… in my head. But when I read the list, I see that it’s too much. Or I’ll need another weekend after the weekend. So I’ll cross some stuff out, fulfill some some parts of me and give a friendly wave to the others and switch it up next time.

I cannot do it all. I just can’t do it all. Not all at once. I’m working on being ok with that… I think I’m getting there. Maybe.