Loop in, loop out and Happy New Year!

01.05.10 | 3 Comments

During the Holiday break, I thought I’d do something with my time while watching movies and chatting with the family. I dug out my long buried crocheting talents (taught by grandmother when I was 10 or maybe younger) and started crocheting away.
I thought it would take me a couple of days to make a scarf, but when I realized it takes me a couple of hours, I had a problem. I needed to make more scarves. I then started taking orders from people and ended up crocheting 7 scarves in 9 days. My left pinky finger got a little sore, but look at the beauties! Lots of earthy colors and warm snuggleness for everyone. Purrrr.


And to kick off the New Year… I’m not making resolutions because I know I will break them and I don’t like to be disappointed. Instead, I got a hair cut (well, before the New Year, but it still counts) to have a fresh look on myself. The new me will do all sorts of cool things that won’t even fit on a list…. I will let it unfold as it comes.


Off for the wonderful year of change that I’m hoping 2010 to be. Happy New Year everyone!