Holiday Baked Brie

01.07.10 | 3 Comments

Back in November I heard that Justin’s sister, Katie, really got into Brie lately. So I thought to myself… hmm… I have 4ish weeks to make her a Brie (Camembert size) and it will be a little on the young side, which will be perfect. Christmas gift, check!

So I brought 2 Camembert size Bries and 2 St Marcellin size ones. The first bigger one was munched on by her, Justin and I…. little wedge by little wedge and woosh it was gone. The second one, I wrapped it in a pre-made (didn’t have the patience to go for homemade) puff pastry. You know how many times you have to fold the dough to make puff pastry? Too many, that’s how many.


Anyways… puff pastry with some homemade jam (see, I make other srtuff than cheese) and some crushed almonds. I baked in the oven for a good 30-35 minutes and it turned out golden, melty, yummy. Maybe a little too doughy for me, but still really yummy. The Brie practically dissolved.


Next time, I might try Phyllo dough.