Little paintings for everyone

01.16.10 | 2 Comments

This year I had no idea what to get anyone for Christmas. I new I didn’t want to get generic and I wanted to give something more personal.
I had bought some little 3.5″ x 3.5″ (9cm x 9cm) canvas a long time ago with the idea of making some little paintings to put around the house or the kitchen. Remembering I had those sitting in the closet, I thought it might be neat to paint a tiny little something for everyone I wanted to give a gift. I had 9 canvases and thankfully the number of people matched exactly. 9 paintings it was!

What could I possibly paint that pretty much anyone can relate to, that’s not too complicated and that can offer some contrast?… Food!… and food related things. It took me about an hour per painting. A couple were a little longer, but not much. I used the Tempera paint that Justin’s family got me the previous Christmas and voila! Here’s the little bunch of paintings all together.


Now they are scattered all over the world… well, the US and France. Each person has a little piece of this project, a little piece of me.