Large paintings of the past

01.26.10 | 4 Comments

At some point in my life, my wallet was pretty skinny and my walls were pretty white. I needed artwork, but couldn’t afford to buy any, so I decided to make my own. I am by no means a highly trained painter, although I did take a few art classes in high school and liked to sketch in my spare time. But mostly, it’s just improv.

Since then, my tastes have evolved, and so has my life situation. All of these paintings are sitting in a closet, being ignored and collecting dust. Well, not really collecting dust, because I wrapped them really well, but you get the point. Justin and I have been getting rid of stuff (almost to the addiction level) and I realized that I didn’t need to hold onto these paintings any longer.

I have large paintings, medium and small ones. I would like to give these paintings away… if ever you’re interested, just leave a comment. I’m not selling them, I just want them to find a home. I know most of them are a little weird… but hey, maybe one of you will like something.

Here they are… large paintings… acrylics on canvas… want one?

#1 Abstract warm colors — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 24″x 30″ (61cm x 74cm)
Date: 2005
Story: I have gone through a very warm color phase (you will notice….) and needed to cover a lot of wall space. So there you go… lots of energy in this painting.

#2 Female – Male – Hot – Cold — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 12″x24″ each (31cm x 62cm)
Date: Dec 2004
Story: These are 2 separate paintings but meant to be near each other, very much like I was viewing male and female – very different, almost opposites yet needed to coexist. Their energy is different, their colors are different, but in form and intention, they are the same. I had these in my bedroom for a long while.

#3 Deconstructed wave — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 36″x18″ (92cm x 46cm)
Date: May 2005
Story: Another one of those situations where I needed to cover a lot of wall space. I thought it would be cool to make a wave, but without its fluidity, yet evoking movement. This is my attempt.

#4 Flower — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 18″x24″ (46cm x 61cm)
Date: 2005
Story: I remember being attracted to flower paintings in general and thinking I could make one. Warm colors were obligatory and I started playing with really wet drips of paint to give the sort of flower veins a certain controlled randomness.

#5 Hippie trinity — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 24″x24″ (61cm x 61cm)
Date: Dec 2004
Story: Ok, this is my hippiest creation, I think. There’s not much to say about the women themselves. I thought of the positions more like a choreography than with an actual meaning. I just wanted to focus on the primary and secondary colors with their complementaries. The basics.