Medium paintings of the past

01.27.10 | 4 Comments

Post number 2 of the I-would-like-to-give-away-my-paintings saga. After posting my large paintings of the past, here are my medium paintings begging for a new home.

They are all acrylics on canvas… want one?

Ferndale #1 Upside down — *ADOPTED*

hand-stand Dimensions: 12″x24″ (31cm x 62cm)
buy antabuse online uk Date: July 2005
Story: I thought it would be cool to paint only a portion of a body position leaving the rest to the imagination. Some people think this person is diving. I thought of it as a hand stand. You can think whatever you wish.

#2 Ladders — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 12″x24″ (31cm x 62cm)
Date: 2005
Story: This one has a more philosophical meaning to me. I was in my spreading-my-wings phase, in the I-can-do-this-on-my-own phase. This is about the point where you can keep climbing the ladder (evolve, not the career ladder) without any support or guidance (the sides of the ladder) and not be scared to take risks and keep going. You are free.

#3 Abstract Rain — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 24″x18″ (61cm x 46cm)
Date: 2005
Story: I don’t know what kind of mood I was in that day, but apparently lots was going on. I just remember having fun making it. Splash!

#4 Fun with Tape — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 18″x14″ (46cmx36cm)
Date: Sept 2005
Story: Oh yes, this one was fun too. It was like a surprise. I would paint a bunch of vivid, warm colors and let dry. Then place some tape on the dry layer. Over the whole thing I then painted an opaque layer of dark blue. Let dry. And then came the best part… peeling off the tape. Surprise colors! Surprise contrast! Anyways, that was fun too.

#5 Fish in Coral — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 24″x18″ (61cm x 46cm)
Date: 2004
Story: Hmm yeah… don’t ask. That was probably right after seeing Finding Nemo or something. Not sure how this one came about but apparently I needed to get my candor out. Cutesy, cartoony wittle fishy.



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