Small paintings of the past

01.27.10 | 8 Comments

Third and last installment of the I-would-like-to-give-away-my-paintings blog post series. After my large and my medium paintings… guess what? Yep, here are the small ones.

Like their big brothers, they are all acrylics on canvas… they all want a new home… want one?

#1 Warm abstract — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 14″x11″ (36cm x 28cm)
Date: 2005
Story: I think I made this one before the big warm colors abstract. I wanted to play with gradients, but not in a smooth way and with a bit of energy. I really like this painting.

#2 Blue Rose — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 10″x8″ (25cm x 20cm)
Date: Aug. 2005
Story: Warm colors, warm colors… gotta explore the other side too! And here we are in the blues, in the off centers.

#3 Crouched Man Holding Head


Dimensions: 12″x12″ (31cm x 31cm)
Date: 2005
Story: There’s a statue like that… I can’t remember what it’s called. You know, when you hold the guy in your hands it’s supposed to fit all of your fingers nicely along his spine, muscles and arms. Anyways, I like that body position and wanted to step away from my bright colors for a minute to see what happens.

#4 Nude laying and facing back — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 16″x8″ (40cm x 20cm)
Date: 2005
Story: Female attempt of the no-Stephanie-bright-colors series. I’m pretty sure this is an image I found in an art book or magazine.

#5 This and that and lots of chaos — *ADOPTED*


Dimensions: 10″x8″ (25cm x 20cm)
Date: 2005
Story: Back to colors! This is probably the quickest painting I’ve ever made. It took probably 45 seconds. Splash splash splash! It’s actually the color palette for another painting that I just flipped onto a canvas. Thought it would be cool and fun. Turned out messy, but still really fun.

Voila! You know everything of my past artistic life… on canvas.