Entertainment on the ship: painting

09.30.10 | 4 Comments

I actually brought acrylic paint on the ship thinking I would paint my heart away. It turns out that my fear of being bored has been totally slapped in the face. I brought a lot of projects on board and have not attended to all of them, therefore “producing” only 2 paintings. I am definitely not complaining! Not being bored is a blessing.

Back in San Francisco, recommended by a dear FM coworker, I downloaded the ToonPAINT iPhone application, which turns any photo you take with the iPhone into a cartoon-looking simplification. I remember taking some photos of San Francisco and thought it would be fun to use the simplified lines as an inspiration and turn it into a painting.

That’s what I did with some container ship photos. I wanted to try and make a very cartoon looking painting. Or more like old comic book style. This is what I came up with… I could just imagine Spider Man jumping on one of those containers any time:

That style was fun, but not very “me”. I have a natural, non-technical sort of impressionist style (much like the way I painted the Vieux-Nice) which I wanted to toy around with. So once more, using the simple lines of a cartoonified image, here is the Cap Cleveland going through the Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal, more Stephanie style:

This feels a lot better to me.