In memoriam of our SF Apartment

09.03.10 | 3 Comments

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we moved out of our San Francisco apartment on Pine Street. We’ve done so much since then, it feels like such a long time ago. Justin has been so great at updating what we’ve been up to while I was taking a bit of an internet break.

We very much loved our apartment in SF. It was the first place we picked together, we made it ours, decorated it, made cheese in it, had parties in it. On the last day we were there, I wanted to capture a few details that made this apartment interesting.

Our bedroom door, which we closed only in presence of guests, had very cool textured glass. That made me think of France.

The pocket doors which we also used only when we had over-night visitors had these very neat little handles to pull them out with.

Our kitchen window looked out in the in-between-buildings corridor.

Our pantry door had some interesting features as well. It had a door within a door. The door chain attached to the big main door while the small door had a very wimpy lock…. ahem, super secure.

This is the very wimpy small door lock. It looks a lot mightier than it really was. I just loved that it was even there.

And we of course had awesome hard wood floors and bay windows. Very San Francisco.

Good times.



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