Into the underground river

01.30.11 | 2 Comments

Continuing the video-posting. After the rice terraces exploration we flew to the island of Palawan, the western most island of the Philippines. We couldn’t miss the world famous underground river near Puerto Princesa (even if it made me nervous). To get there, we had to take a 2 hour packed van ride to a big boat to a little boat and back.

The “big” boat was a 6 person outrigger. I love these boats, they’re so exotic to me. The only down side is the loudness of the motor… we’ve learned to just wear earplugs.

After a 20 minute ride, we transfered to the little boat, which was not motorized. It was a small paddle boat with a battery powered light in the front. The front 2 people were in charge of lighting the way. At some point (0:56) the guide asked them to highlight a snake in the wall which neither them or us understood… which triggered Justin to make a comment that will forever make me giggle (at the end of the video). Hehehe.